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Congratulations!  You now have instant access to Mathaphobia® videos and an ever-growing library that allows how you to reprogram your mind to overcome fear and take decisive, innovative actions using science, innovation and personal faith. Olympia LePoint gives information to reprogram your mind with her weekly virtual lectures and online videos. The subscription package includes facebook private membership and live coaching groups.

This website is the private videos available for Mathaphobia Members.  Unlike the public videos from Olympia’s YouTube and Vimeo Mathaphobia platforms, this Mathaphobia website offers tailored videos that allow you to transform your thinking in powerful ways. Below is a list of videos currently available for you to view.


VIDEO #1 – Tapping Into Your Future Self for Strength

Originally speaking to an professional group with over 3,000 educators across the United States, Olympia LePoint gives this powerful keynote address to help leaders understand the power of their brain in regards to finding answers from the future. In Olympia LePoint’s talk,  the author shares about what she learned when venturing into different school systems from rich and poor neighborhoods. Her insight allowed her to understand the thinking involved into tapping into the future to gain your personal answers.  She speak in general about her concepts the Triabrain Theory of Relativity and the concepts of the Human Atom with the Science of Attraction thoeries that she explains in her books Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power, and Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want.

VIDEO #2 – Ending Implicit Bias

The 6 Decisions to Overcome Institutionalized Racism Using Science and Innovative Thinking 
In her viral Thrive Global article “End Institutionalized Racism with Science and Innovative Thinking ” created during the George Floyd “Black Live Matters Protests,” Olympia LePoint shares how to end the crippling effects of racism in educational institutions by reprogramming individual’s brains to identify and overcome implicit bias.  This bias refers to the unconscious attitudes and stereotypes that affect humans’ understanding, actions, and decisions. LePoint helps audience members to think with innovation and make decisions that guarantee future inclusion, diversity and leadership success.



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  • VIDEO #1 – Tapping Into Your Future Self for Strength
  • VIDEO #2 – Ending Implicit Bias
    • The 6 Decisions to Overcome Institutionalized Racism Using Science and Innovative Thinking



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