Olympia LePoint and Mathaphobia have appeared on NBC
Olympia LePoint and Mathaphobia have appeared on TED Talk
Olympia LePoint and Mathaphobia have appeared in People magazine
Olympia LePoint and Mathaphobia have appeared on PBS
Olympia LePoint and Mathaphobia have appeared on CBS

We Are The Leading Math Fear Removal Service Offering Math + Statistics + Data Science Education & Training.

Our math tutoring and data science consultants work closely with clients to realize college degrees, business outcomes and college success rates, while building long-standing relationships. Award-Winning Rocket Scientist and Author Olympia LePoint is the founder, and she has been featured on NBC, TED Talks, People Magazine, PBS and CBS News speaking about these services.

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What is Mathaphobia?

Mathaphobia is a silent, numerical illiteracy that cripples the frontal-brain lobes from understanding basic math concepts and making executive-decisions. Mathaphobia can be as crippling as a learning disability. It creates an emotional shame response that halts an individual from knowing their future success. Olympia’s End Mathaphobia Now program helps individuals of all ages overcome their fear, take-back their brain’s decision-making power, and unleash answers.

How Do We Eliminate Your Mathaphobia?

book cover for Olympia LePoint's Mathaphobia

In Olympia LePoint’s book, Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist, Olympia LePoint creates a 3-Step Method for Success. We help you by:

  1. Making Math & Data Science Fun & Exciting
  2. Identifying Your Mathaphobia, with the Self-Test + Capitalizing Your Unique Thinking & Learning Style
  3. Helping You Communicate in Math & Apply REAL Answers
Olympia LePoint, author of Mathaphobia